Friday, 2 November 2007

OOPSLA: Time off

I'm now back from OOPSLA and just about recovered. It was a really interesting conference. As always it was the people not the talks that were the highlight. (There were good talks though!) I'm still particularly excited by Second Life Scripting (thanks for the tutorial William and Cristina!). I was also impressed by my friend Erik Meijer's preaching to the masses about the joys of Haskell.

After OOPSLA was over I had some time before my flight back to the UK. I went to the Musee d'Art Contemporain. It has a smallish collection of Canadian modern art and currently three expositions by Karel Funk, Thomas Hirschhorn and Vik Muniz.

For me the highlight was the Brazilian artist Vik Muniz. He makes "temporary art" pieces using real-life objects and photographs them. (The "original" piece is typically destroyed leaving only the photograph.) There's a lot to admire in Muniz's work - both the clever dialogue about the meaning of art and also his incredible skill in creating the work. He has used chocolate sauce, tomato ketchup (a wonderful pair of Warhol-esque Marilyns), dust, toy soldiers and many more strange items. There was also an interesting documentary about the artist which I found really helped me appreciate his work. I hope he comes to the UK sometime soon. He has a website.

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