Monday, 21 January 2008

Slovenka Leta

As I posted before, Mateja was nominated for Slovene Woman of the Year. We have just come back from attending the awards ceremony in the national theatre in Ljubljana ("Ljubljanska Drama").

We had a fantastic time! It wasn't quite what I expected: the "ceremony" was preceeded by essentially a variety show. Some of Slovenia's big names in music and comedy performed, so it was a very special evening for all Mateja's family (on top of being very proud of Mateja). Mateja looked particularly stunning in her dress designed by Stanka Blatnik.

In the end, the award was won by Lilijana Kornhauser Cerar - who's a pediatrician and head of the infant care unit at Ljubljana hospital. A very worthy winner.

After we met up with Mateja, we went to a reception and had a fantastic time - lots of champagne and probably not enough food to soak it up. "Team Mateja" (Mateja, me, Dragica, Zvonko, Primoz, Jana, Maja, Jan and Ivana) decided that having drunk that place dry, we were ready for more, so we went for cocktails at a very nice Restaurant/Bar, Dabuda. We had a really fun time here before staggering back to the car and back to Slovenj Gradec.

This was a very special night - we're all very proud of Mateja (especially me!). Oh, did I mention how stunning she looked?...

Postscript: Claudio found an article in English here.

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