Friday, 29 February 2008

ECOOP PC meeting

I'm just back from two very exhausting days as part of the ECOOP PC that met on Thursday/Friday at Imperial College, London.

It was a very exciting but tiring couple of days. In the end we're going to have a great conference - we've accepted a really good selection of papers.

The process was very thorough - some papers were discussed for over 45 (heated) minutes! Jan did a wonderful job making sure that everyone who wanted to had a say. Moreover, we discussed many, many, many papers. We really needed two full days of arguing! (I had the good fortune of sitting between Kathleen Fisher and Doug Lea - so it was never dull!)

So, come to Cyprus in July! There's not only going to be a great programme, but you should definitely buy Jan a beer.

PS: MacBook Air count amongst the PC: 2


James said...
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James said...

What's most worrying is that the computer I noticed and decided I wanted wasn't the Macbook Air --- but someone still had the old 12" Powerbook.

Now something that size but otherwise built with Air-Tech, that would be good. Otherwise I'll stay with my iBook held together with sellotape for now

Gavin Bierman said...

Yep - we need laptop mash-ups! I'd like my Dell X1 with a dual-core inside and perhaps a decent graphics card...

I still think that the Sony TZ31 is rather wonderful - Awais had one I noticed!