Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sleepy in Seattle

I'm currently in the Seattle area. I'm visiting the mothership and talking about The Next Big Project with various product people. All secret, but very exciting.

I spent today relaxing in downtown Seattle. I really like the Pike Place Market area: there are all sorts of people there; from dot-com millionaires to homeless people to ALT- people. There are funky places to have coffee and hang out. Next to a cheese factory I looked at some knives in a kitchen store that would have made Satnam cry had he been there!

The cool thing was somewhat spoilt by my rental car. Somewhat amusingly the woman at the Avis desk remembered me from my November visit. I thought I was polite but when I went to the car park I discovered that my Chevvy Cobalt was the lovely shade of "banana yellow"! Nice. [updated] See what you think: off to get another coffee to get myself into the timezone :-)


craiganslow said...

Gavin, I've rented a Chevy Cobalt five times in the US (Gold, White X 2, and Red x 2) from different companies. Never had a banana colour. However, each one of them had a wheel alignment problem.

Cheers Craig

Gavin Bierman said...

Hi Craig,

Well the yellow does make it easy to spot in the parking lots, but a little embarassing :-)

I didn't notice any wheel problems, although I didn't do very much driving at all. What's the characteristic of the problem?


Byron Cook said...

banana yellow is the new black!