Wednesday, 28 May 2008

ECOOP 2008: Early registration

If you're thinking of attending this year's ECOOP - and surely you are! - then you're running out of time. The deadline for early registration is June 1. You can register online here. It looks like a great program, and there's a whole bunch of interesting workshops.

The fact that the conference is in a beachside 5* hotel in Cyprus in July might just persuade you if you're still in doubt...


James said...

And note that there's are also some cool tutorials (X10, Ct & Context programming) early on, plus a short "summer school" running later in the week,
including a bunch of practical tutorials on various types systems tools (JastAdd, JavaCop, SASyLF, multicore) and Gilad Bracha's first full tutorial introducing Newspeak.

Gavin Bierman said...

Glad I'm going!