Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Mike Hicks

I've blogged before about the large number of superstars that pass through MSRC. MSR has a visiting researcher programme where we host academics on sabbatical. Last year, I hosted James Noble - a by-product of which was a paper in ECOOP.

This year I'm thrilled to host the multi-talented Mike Hicks from the University of Maryland. He'll be here for three months, and then over the road at the University for a further nine visiting Peter Sewell. It's great to have Mike here - he's currently teaching me about dependent types and security policy. I expect to learn a lot in these three months!

Mike and his family are blogging about the experiences of living, working and schooling in the UK. I imagine it's all quite a shock for them! But his children seem to be settling in just fine - here they are in the Jesus Green Playground with Hana (Lina is off-camera trying to climb up on the highest slide for older children!):

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