Monday, 18 May 2009

Down the pub

I spent a nice afternoon/early evening down The Portland Arms with Mike yesterday. We watched Cambridge United flunk their second play-off in two years live from Wembley:-(

I like The Portland, in particular its shabby chic decor. Mike and I looked around at one point: there were about a dozen people in the pub. The pub has rather nice oak panelling - around a hundred years old. Most people were watching football, but a couple of guys were reading The Observer, and the chap next to us was reading a novel by Ernest Hemingway (IIRC "The Fifth Column and The First 49 Stories"). It's very Cambridge to get beer, live football, Hemingway, current affairs, and oak panelling all in your local pub!

After the game, we went for another Great British Experience: A rather good curry :-)

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