Thursday, 18 June 2009


Microsoft is famous for providing "free soda" for its employees. In Redmond, the soda fridges are huge and carry exciting drinks that you either never or rarely see in the UK. (I'm quite partial to Diet Cherry Coke!) Our fridges in Cambridge are not quite so exciting, and moreover the most popular drink by FAR is bottled water. Unfortunately this large consumption of small bottles of water has quite a big environmental hit. We do have glasses and a drinking water dispenser, but I seemed to be the only person who used this. The environmental hit has been a source of concern for our Green Committee.

This week's Big News is that we are deprecating the water bottles! We have upgraded our drinking water dispensers and staff have been issued with "Wottles". Here's mine:

This is a good thing in my opinion, although I wish the wottles came with a drinking spout rather than a simple lid. You can buy more attractive wottles from amazon.

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