Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I just upgraded my desktop to Windows 7. It's really very nice - my machine is much more responsive now. I think this OS will make people happy (compared to the last one!).

As part of the upgrade, my instance of F# got upgraded to I then went to recompile some code and it failed. It turns out that if you use FsLex/FsYacc in your project (a wonderful feature IMO) then there's a slight glitch in this version of F#. You need to do two things to get it to work again:

  1. Copy c:\Program Files\FSharp-\bin\gac\FSharp.PowerPack.Build.Tasks.dll to C:\Program Files\MSBuild\FSharp\1.0\FSharp.PowerPack.Build.Tasks.dll
  2. Close and restart Visual Studio [this last step is vital]

If you do this, then Lex and Yacc will work from VS as before. Hurrah! I'm now a happy F# developer again!

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