Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Britney Spears

Picture this. Britney Spears. Actually, Britney Spears in fishnet tights. More, Britney Spears in fishnet tights and black sequin hotpants. Something *exactly* like this:

Okay, now imagine all of this about 1 metre in front of you. Got that picture in your mind? Yes? Well you are now picturing what I was actually doing on Saturday night!!! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.

Mateja, Matt, Judith and I were in the audience for X-factor! We bid for the tickets at the Milton Road Auction of Promises that was held in the Summer to raise funds for the school. So I was that close to Britney "for charity" :-)

We had a fantastic time. It was fascinating to see how a live broadcast show is put together - the people are incredibly skillful, but things really are being arranged until 1-2 seconds before the cameras come back on! We had really great seats; here I am behind Danni's shoulder:

(You can just about make out my "I HEART BRITNEY" T-shirt!)

As we were guests of the producer we got to have a drink afterwards in the studio. I chatted with Diana - one of the contestants - she's a real sweetie. Mateja chatted with Eoghan. We ended the evening in the hotel bar chatting with Eoghan's Dad.


primoz said...

well, gavin, finally your dream came true. i can only imagine, how happy you were during the show. unfortunately i wasn t with you.

wagson said...

You can put Britney on any skimpy outfit and she'll make it skimpier.