Monday, 15 December 2008

Nordic Walking

On the advice of my Slovene physio, I had a training session of Nordic Walking last week on Parkers Piece.

Nordic Walking originates from cross-country skiiers wanting to practise during the Summer. The poles are much shorter than for skiing, but some of the same principles apply.

It's surprisingly easy to learn the (very) basics. It's an odd sensation when you're walking. You seem to walk slightly faster than normal, yet it feels easier than walking normally. (You put very little pressure on the sticks, so it is a little surprising.) The interesting fact is that you burn a lot more energy compared to standard walking (around 40% more). I'm doing it because it also forces you to equalize your stride - something that you *don't* do when you have an arthritic ankle:-(

So, if you see someone on Madingley Road looking like this, it's probably me. [When my daughters are teenagers, I might have to stop!]


Lemm said...

It is hard to believe that it burns 40% more. If it is really like that, I would get rid of the poles, so inefficient.

The American Nordic Walking System said...

Nordic Walking really does burn up to 40% more calories than regular walking - the poles also radically reduce the stress to the shins, knees, hips and back. The poles also improve blance and stability - even for those with MS, Parkensons and Neuropathy.

Don't get scammed by cheap twist-locking adjustable length poles/telescoping/collapsible poles. Quality one-piece poles are safer, lighter and much more durable than cheap twist-locking poles.

Perfect length poles help us to automatically walk with a super straight back - better walking posture is biomechanically a good thing. This improved walking posture when combined with the unique 4-Wheel-Drive type action of walking with poles radically reduces the stress to the shins, knees, hips and back. Nordic Walking is low impact and yet provides a highly effective workout - burning more calories and working more muscle groups than regular walking.

Please let me know if you have any questions at any time.

Have a great day and have FUN Ski Walking,

Pete - owner/founder/coach The American Nordic Walking System and WWW.SKIWALKING.COM Nordic Walking Poles