Friday, 2 January 2009

Dinner party

Last night we went to a lovely dinner party at Lucy (winner of the Ian Charleson Award in 1996) and David's. The highlights were:
  • The food! Starter: Spicy prawns and spring rolls. Main: Meat and Vegetarian chilli with salad and garlic bread. Desert: Pavlova and Chocolate and Chestnut Torte. Yum!
  • Judith's confession that she got in trouble with her headmaster for mis-behaving on Songs of Praise.
  • The Kennedys are on youtube!
  • The amazing details associated with sexual hygiene products.
  • The best business card job title: "R&D, toilet products - solids and liquids".

A great evening.


Mateja said...
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Mateja said...

You forgot Kudos to Lucy for running 10k in excellent time the day before (and David too!) as part of her training for the London Marathon!


Lucy said...

Hooray for the Blog - now I know you survived,liked it and didn't get food poisoning.David and I had a great time too! And thankyou everyone (since this is a chatroom)for bringing all the food. I recomend the formula - whose house next? Oh yes, what about that posh newly done up one on kimberley - I'd like to go there! Love lucy

Gavin Bierman said...

Yes, the Kimberley Road Castle would be nice :-)