Tuesday, 20 January 2009

I'm in Savannah

I'm in Savannah attending POPL and some associated events (PLPV and PLAN-X). I'll try to blog about the talks later.

I arrived last night. We flew from London to Washington DC. No-one realized when we booked the flight that we'd be trying to get a connecting flight the day before Barack Obama's inaugration! The flight over was okay (but I don't think that Virgin is any better than BA - in fact, BA has a better entertainment system...). The one amusing thing was that my neighbour - from Sudan - was using a pen advertising the "Arrive Alive Driving School" in Lagos. Wow! Now that's what I call direct advertising :-)

When we arrived in DC there was a huge queue for passport control. Luckily I sweet-talked the woman into letting us get to the front (after waiting for around an hour!). After a sprint to the United desk, I discovered the connection was delayed, so panic over.

The hotel is nice, and I have a great room overlooking the river.

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