Saturday, 14 March 2009

A day downtown

Following a wonderful week working with Mads and Erik, I had a free day today (why do airlines still require you to stay over Saturday night?). Naturally I spent it in downtown Seattle - a place where I love to hang out.

Luckily, a little while ago we had a mailing list discussion at work about places to eat and drink in Seattle. I followed Anton's suggestion and tried an espresso at Seattle Coffee Works. This is an authentic indy coffee shop that actually roasts its own coffee. The barrista actually tasted the coffee and rejected the first batch, so he brewed another one for me. It really was a wonderful espresso with proper crema.

I also followed up Don's suggestion and had lunch at Maximilien. This is a real find - right in the market but with a spectacular view over the bay. Luckily it had just stopped raining when I arrived, and whilst I sipped a rather nice local draught beer, the sun came out. It was really beautiful setting for a delicious lunch. Rather amazingly, given the location, it wasn't at all busy. A great find.


Mike Hicks said...

Too bad you weren't in Cambridge (I presume) on Sunday -- best weather we've had since last Spring! Beautiful sunshine, mild temperatures ... it seems embarassingly irrational, but my mood was sky high today!

Gavin Bierman said...

Oh man! Typical. I'm still here in rainy Seattle until this evening. It snowed early on in the week(!), but then it was really beautiful - cold but bright sunshine that really showed off the snow on the mountains.

However, this weekend it has essentially rained (gently) on-and-off all the time :-(

Jon Stewart remarked recently that England is like Seattle without the coffee, so I guess I should be grateful!