Thursday, 16 April 2009

RV manhood

I'm now a real man[*]:

Yep, that's me behind the wheel of an RV :-) Here's a picture of the girls just after we collected the RV.

We're just back from a really wonderful two-week RV-ing holiday in Arizona (and a little bit of Utah) with our great friends "Long walk" Luke and "Two drinks" Jo, and their two kids Ciaran and Hannah. We had a ball. (I'll blog at length in another post.) Our itinerary was: Phoenix -> Grand Canyon -> Lake Powell -> Monument Valley -> Canyon de Chelley -> Sedona -> Phoenix. All in all, I drove 1102 miles (1773km) in our RV (and around 10 pants-wetting-exciting miles (16km) in a 4x4 jeep).

[*] Byron suggested that a real RV man drives at least 40 foot of RV, tows a 4x4, and carries a concealed weapon, but for a chap from Berkshire I still think I qualify.

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