Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Spotify uncensored

[Thanks to Nick for figuring this out.] I was listening to the latest Lily Allen album on spotify today (here). Lily is partial to the odd swearword, and they were being bleeped out, which detracts from the song a little. It turns out that spotify have both versions of the album, here's how to find it.

First, search for Lily Allen, and then click on her name. You now get the overview/top hits/albums page. Top of the album listing is the latest "It's not me, it's you" (but this is the censored version). To the right of the this is a little downarrow symbol. Click on this and you'll get two versions of the album. The second one (here) is the uncensored version (you can see as track 8 is listed as "Fuck You" instead of "F**k You"). I don't know how one would know the difference if none of the track names were deemed offensive.

Anyhow, I repeat that spotify is Way Cool.

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