Sunday, 26 April 2009

Well done Lucy!

We went to London today to cheer on our friend Lucy, who was running in the London marathon. We waited for her just beyond Cannon Street Station, and after much anxiety on our part (we didn't want to miss her), she came running up to us looking in fantastic form for a first-time marathon runner after 23 miles:

It was a fantastic day in London, warm and sunny, and very exciting with all the runners and supporters. After high-fives with Lucy we walked to St Paul's Cathedral, which impressed the girls. We sat on the front steps in the sunshine drinking lattes and smoothies. Moments like this are what makes London so great!

We then walked to the Barbican to meet up with Lucy, David and other friends/family/supporters. Lucy looked incredibly relaxed and we all munched on pizzas of varying degrees of well-done-ness and drank champagne before we ran off to catch our train back to the sticks.

Well done Lucy!

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