Thursday, 28 August 2008

100% organic

A personal post: I've gone organic. But I mean this personally. *I* am now organic. For the past two years I have had a titanium intramedullary nail in my left tibia. On Friday last week, Mr Robinson removed it. (If you don't know what one looks like; mine looks like the one on the right here.) As Peter puts it: I have been de-bionic-ified.

Somehow I thought it wouldn't be too bad - but it turns out to be very painful :-( Naturally I was still at work the following Tuesday (Monday being a national holiday). Clearly I hadn't read this.

This area of medicine is a combination of high science and brute force: I love this sort of picture in a medical science journal article! It looks like something from a DIY store leaflet.

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James said...

Yay - that is great news!

Most patients will require crutches and an average of 2 weeks away from work.

but yep, you're tough!