Saturday, 16 August 2008

Notepad goodie

I'm really an emacs user, but when you live in the Windows world (or maybe I mean the Microsoft world) the infamous "notepad" application ends up being a very convenient app to write little files. One thing I always hated about notepad is that when you fire it up, type in your two-line masterpiece and then save it always adds a ".txt" to the end of the filename you supply even if you had already given it an extension, e.g. you type fermat.sql then it saves it as fermat.sql.txt. Ug.

I just discovered a way around this - perhaps I'm the last person to learn this but... : if you type the filename with quotations notepad doesn't add the .txt. For example if you type "fermat.sql" then it really saves it as a .sql file. Hurrah!

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