Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Bachelor days

I'm by myself at the moment, which gives me an opportunity to watch some episodes of Seinfeld (I have all 9 seasons on DVD - and Mateja doesn't like it). I had previously worked my way through to season 7.

Boy, has season 7 screwed up my plans of working in the evenings! It's genius. I thoroughly recommend it - you can get it yourself for a mere £13! This season seems more self-referential than others and the writing is all the more smarter for it. Moreover the season's story arc of George's wedding is a goldmine! Wonderful.

[ps: even though I'm a Seinfeld fan, none of my passwords are "Bosco", so try again hackers!]


Lemm said...

Hope it is a temporary phase you are going through and the rest of the family went to Slovenia for a visit? Otherwise you only have two more seasons to go before eternal boredom ;)

Gavin Bierman said...

Fear not! The family are back so it'll be a wait before Season 8!!